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If you want to use one of my patterns you can make a license. The license means that you pay a fixed price and you are free to use the stamp on your product or your project.


In the catalogue you can consult a selection of the prints that I am designing.

You can check the complete pattern catalogue  requesting the password to access. You will find the code of each print. Write me:

What are the benefits of a license?

· The pattern design is already done, which means you can use it immediately after making the payment.

· The license is cheaper than a custom order. You can buy a pattern starting at only 350 € (IVA excl.)


· Once you have consulted the complete catalogue and have clear the one that you are going to acquire, fill in the following form. I will contact you as soon as possible.

· If you want a pattern design but do not fit any of the catalog, fill out the form and tell me what you need. I will design the print especially for you.

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